August 16, 2011

Patchie [Knits]

Just showing off the latest finished knitting project that I said I was taking to The Cape! I have yet to wear it for any purpose other than showing it off, but it's going to make its way into the rotation for work I think. The pattern is a DROPS Design (and can be found on Ravelry), and it really wasn't written well at all so I have a hiccup or two in there, but apparently no one can tell.

I also bought a lot of yarn while I was on The Cape, and I really need to start a project that is a little more instant-gratification. I have a hat or two to knit!

The last of the Cape Cod posts will be coming either later today or sometime tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled for it - it's the prettiest sunset of the entire vacation!


theolivetree said...

love it!! so talented!!

Sara Bell said...

I love it! I tell myself like every other day I'm going to learn to knit... just like I was telling myself last year and the year before that.