August 22, 2011

Patchie [Attends]

About a month or so ago The Boy and I were driving home from someplace talking about concerts. We talked about bands we had seen live, and then went on to the "I wish" list. I went first. "You know who I don't even think is together anymore, but I always had wished I had seen? The Barenaked Ladies."

Cut to literally less than 36 hours later. We're at a friend's house for a barbeque and two of the guys are talking about a new place they are holding concerts in Virginia. "They don't have a lot of big names in there yet and it's mostly country, but I know The Barenaked Ladies are playing sometime in August."

Guess what happened next?

The opening band. Jukebox the Ghost, is worth checking out and I suggest you do. They are DC-locals and super quirky and fun while still producing really good music. Sadly during their set it rained just a little (only enough to barely warrant an umbrella). But compared to Mumford and Sons, this was nothing. Plus it stopped after about 20 minutes! The Boy and I went with Nametwin and our friend Jim and Sweetie and lucked out with some fantastic seats - second row. I've sat further away from bands at our local pub. It was a sweet evening!

To talk shop for a second, I took my little point-and-shoot camera because of the impending rain. I've gotten so used to the quality of the DSLR that looking at these was way disappointing last night when I sat down to edit. I have a sad feeling I'm going to be upgrading my point-and-shoot soon - maybe to something waterproof, since that's the only time I seem to pull it out anymore.

Not gonna lie, I got off work Friday and had no desire to do anything. I was tired and a little stressed and really just wanted to lay down, drink a glass of wine, and fall asleep watching a movie. I'm so glad The Boy got me pumped to go though - totally worth it!

This was just the start to a great action-packed weekend. Check back soon for more!


theolivetree said...

the song "one week" takes me back to high school!!

Marizabeth said...

I think you got some really good shots for the point-and-shoot! Looks like you had fun!

Patchie said...

Olive Tree - I love that song! One of their best :-)

Marizabeth - Thank you, we had a blast. I'm glad The Boy talked me into going!