August 1, 2011

Guest [Post]: Windshield Diaries

Hi, I'm Crystal (aka CAPow!) from Windshield Diaries. I live in Upstate NY with my boyfriend and our two cats.

When I was a kid, we never really took summer vacations, but ever since I've been with my boyfriend M, we've kind of made it a tradition to spend as many summer days at our favorite day trip spot: Saratoga Race Track.

It takes us about an hour to drive there, and it's only open for 6 weeks: late July to Labor Day. Honestly, it doesn't feel like summer until track season starts!

We like to pack up a cooler and get there as soon as the gates open, claim a picnic table, and read the program to start picking our horses. M usually picks based on their stats...I glance at that stuff, but usually go for the names I like.

When a race goes off, we go up to the rail and watch, then it's back to the picnic table for hanging out.

Thank you Crystal! I have never been to a horse race - it looks like so much fun though! Make sure you check out her blog - she's doing a guest post series about bloggers and their pets right now that is adorable! Also really make sure you check out her Etsy shop - I am absolutely in love with her map art!

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