August 3, 2011

Guest [Post]: Piloting Life

Hey everyone. I'm really excited to be guest posting on Patchie [verbs] today! My name is Ashley, and I blog about all sorts of fun things over at Piloting Life.

I may be a little envious of Rachel's seaside vacation,
but doesn't mean we can't enjoy a waterside getaway of our own today!

I wanted to share one of my very favorite summer vacation spots located in northern Michigan. One of my very favorite spots, to this day, for a summer getaway is Mackinac Island. (pronounced Mack-in-aw). It's located in Lake Huron between the upper and lower peninsulas that make the state of Michigan. I grew up in northern Michigan, and I just love visiting 'The Island' whenever I get a chance! I hope you'll love it too.

Here are some reasons
why I love Mackinac Island, Michigan:

I hope you enjoyed your 'tour' of Mackinac Island.
The next best thing to being on a seaside vacation is to sit and read about
a great destination on your computer! {at least we'll just pretend it's second best}

Thank you Ashley! It amazes me how much the great lakes look like Cape Cod sometimes - I really hope to visit them one day! Make sure you check out Ashley's blog - she's recently moved to Florida and I am super jealous of her living so close to the beach! 

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Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

Great post and pics Ashley! A seaside vacation sounds so good to me right now!