August 18, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: RennFest!

It's the most! Wonderful! Time! Of the year!

This weekend a big 'ol group of friends are heading up to Pennsylvania for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival. Next week the Maryland Faire opens. While I sadly won't be working there this year I will be attending almost every day it's open, and the duo I've worked with the last two years are having a show in Baltimore that I'll be working on later in September. But get prepared to be inundated with pictures of people in corsets and kilts, fairy-esque scenery, and wonderful foods and crafts (check out the RennFest tag for examples from past years and faires). I may also start a "what I wore" themed day since I go dressed in garb. Would you be interested in that?

In the meantime, enjoy this week's etsy dump!

I promise every week won't be faire-based, but it is my most-searched-for thing on Etsy!


Kristen said...

ZOMG IT'S TIME FOR FAIRE! Do you know that it is my favorite time of the year too? And I pledge to go more than once, like I only managed to do last year. I love your Etsy roundups, especially faire themed!

Patchie said...

Good, you better come more than once!

theolivetree said...

cool mask!!! We used to go to the local renaissance festival in high school every year...what fun!