August 25, 2011

Etsy [Thursday] : Doctor Who [II!]

You know what starts up again on Saturday? Doctor Who! Since the last Doctor Who etsy post happened I've seen way more of the old episodes - including all of the Rose Tyler ones and I think all of the Matt Smith ones (I had previously missed about three from his original season). I still get really excited when my DVR records one I've never seen before. And now I'll have at least one new one every week!

Can I admit that I geeked out over...well, everything...but specifically the apron, the yarn bowl, and the Ood decal? Makes me wish I owned a Mac.

Also, the big reveal at the end of A Good Man Goes to War? Totally called it weeks before it happened. Boo-yah.

Ok, I'll stop geeking out on you. For now.

Also don't forget today is your last chance to enter the Chatham Giveaway! This is probably going to be the last giveaway for awhile, just because the turnout has been pretty darn bad. It was kind of an experiment anyways, and I don't really see this as being "that sort" of blog. I still might do them sporadically though. Anyway...enter!


theolivetree said...

I feel clueless...I don't know what Doctor Who is?? yikes...fill me in! great etsy finds though!!!

Patchie said...

It's a TV show that come on BBC that's been running since the 60's (with a decade break in there at one point). If you like any form of science fiction, I recommenced checking it out immediately. I procrastinated for years even though people kept telling me to watch it, and I'm so glad Marizabeth finally forced me to sit down and watch. I love it!