July 6, 2011

Way Back When[sday]: Pre-Grad Daytrip

My final days in college were actually free days - we had about a week between final exams and our actual graduation date. While those who lived closer to the school used those days to move out and get things situated at home, my core group and I all lived a little further away than that and since we knew it was going to be the last time for a long time we'd all be together we wanted to do something special. The Real World was starting soon - we had to be spontaneous while we still could!

About three hours away at the end of Route 40 was Fort Fisher, NC. It was the closest ocean beach to us, and we thought...why not? So we got ourselves together, left at 6 in the morning so make sure we got a full day in, and were on our way!
To this day, this was one of my favorite beaches I've ever been to. Because it was early May and a week day we were literally the only ones on the beach until almost 2:00, and even then it was only a handful of people. It was so pretty and different, too - I'm used to New England beaches with the cold dark water and rigid evergreen trees lining the dunes. Here there were almost no dunes at all! We also hit the Fort Fisher Aquarium which was one of the nicest aquariums I've ever been to.

Of course, we all paid for having such a magnificent day...the bottle(s) of sunscreen we had picked up from Target HAD to of been defective - those of us that put it on were burnt in splotches (and I coat myself like crazy on the beach - there's no way I missed those spots). One of two of us didn't put it on at all or only put it on once - they were a little more worse off. Still, it remains one of my favorite college memories!

Can you tell I'm missing the beach this year? This is the first year I think ever that I'm only going to be hitting the beach for one vacation - usually I try to get out to our shore at least once or twice. This whole working full time thing makes that so much harder! But working full time means I can save up and take more meaningful vacations, too. So who knows - maybe I'll get down south this winter for a beach trip.

But I did have a moment last night where the pressure of life was just a little too much and I went for a drive and found myself down by one of our local rivers...
And being able to at least be semi-close to the water once in awhile does help. I forget that this area can be this pretty sometimes. Still, to me nothing beats a real beach.


theolivetree said...

I am crazy about the sunscreen!! My poor kids are covered and then 30 mins later covered again! I do miss the beach :(

Patchie said...

I do pretty OK out in the sun for being a blonde, but I still burn pretty easily. I've been burnt enough times by now to be crazy about it, too!