July 27, 2011

Way Back When[sday]: The Cape

When I get off work today I'm hopping home to pick up my things, grabbing The Boy, and he and I are starting our trip up to Cape Cod, MA. We'll be staying one night just outside Philly to visit with my aunt and uncle, which knocks a few hours off of our trip tomorrow which is very much appreciated.

I have been going to The Cape literally since before I was born - a week after my parents found out they were pregnant with me they took a surprise vacation up there to visit my grandparents (I would be the first grandchild) and I've been going at least once a year ever since. Some years I've been lucky - we added a Christmas vacation in for many years. A few summers I've been able to go up twice. One summer, right after I graduated, I spent a whole month up there. That month changed my life in many ways.

I consider it my home, because even though we didn't ever really significantly move or anything I feel like I've grown up there. I go back year after year and while some things have changed (mostly since Grandpa died), it mostly stays the same. It's safe. It's home. For someone with anxiety, having that constant means so much.

Of course, my desire to return year after year is certainly helped by the fact that it's a vacation hotspot. The Cape is literally a speed bump in the ocean. From my grandparents house it's 2 miles to the bay and 3 miles to the ocean - it's one of the few places in the States where you can watch the sun rise and set over major bodies of water in the same day. There's always something to do, but it's also completely possible to do nothing and still enjoy yourself. It's more of a family destination than an Ocean City, MD or Jersey Shore. There is literally something for everyone.

And there are the tourist traps and I do hit some of them (places stay in business for years and years for a reason after all), but having a lot of family there who are true locals and considering myself a honorary local, I know where a lot of the little-known treasures are. You only get something like that from years of experience and exploring, even if it's only a few weeks at a time.

There are things I hit every year. There are places I have yet to go, and I always find something new to do each year. I love showing my closest friends and especially The Boy around up there. I can stand on any of those beaches and recall at least a dozen memories from my childhood and teen years for each place. I go back every year because The Cape has a hold on my heart in a way that I never knew just a place could. My heart aches for it year round and the second I step out of the car at my grandmothers house I feel like I'm going to burst.

While I'm gone I've asked some of my favorite bloggers to share similar stories about vacations here for you to enjoy. I have them all scheduled out and while they share their special places, I will be in the place that is good for my soul. I always come home feeling like a new person, and every year it matters more and more that I get that rest and rejuvenation.

Have a wonderful week, my lovely readers. Thank you for keeping up with my little corner of the internet, and I hope you enjoy reading the posts by these girls as much as I enjoy reading their blogs. I will be back next Thursday all rested, ready to share my adventures, and mayhaps even another giveaway!

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Marizabeth said...

Have fun and get some relaxation in, girl! I'm jealous like crazy but you totally deserve it! hehe