July 15, 2011

Patchie [Petsits]

The Boy and I spent the majority of the week house and pet sitting for his mom while she was away. We were in charge of the little guy pictures above - the least-trained, most-adorable teeny tiny Yorkie. We were able to sneak away because The Boy's brother also lives with him and is able to take care of the cats. Carson (the little guy pictured above) is a snuggler and never left my side any time I was at the house. While I'm not a little dog person (I like my pups big) I have to admit it was pretty darn cute.

And of course when we came home Friday this guy was waiting on the stairs for us.
This week was a little rough for me - things were just getting to me more than I should have let them. Nothing in particular happened, but I think everyone has days here and there that are like that. Mine just lasted a full week. But this weekend is looking very promising and next week is my last feel week of work before I go on vacation!

Any big plans this weekend in your corner of the world?


The Book Florist said...

Your pictures are crazily sweet. I definitely understand what you mean with the whole on and off days idea, and have been feeling a little 'off' myself of late. I can't really put my finger on the cause. Anyway, I hope that you feel perkier and more 'on', very soon. Take care.

Patchie said...

Aw, thank you for the picture compliment :-)

Luckily if it doesn't disappear before then, I've got vacation next week. That'll certainly get me back on track. I hope you feel better as well!