July 13, 2011

Patchie [Makes]

Are you ready for this stupid-easy cucumber dip recipe?

4oz Cream Cheese
4oz Sour Cream
1 medium cucumber, diced
Garlic Powder to taste
Salt & Pepper to taste
Onion (optional)

Mix everything together until it tastes good.

Seriously. That's it. In fact, those numbers above really aren't important either. I added more cream cheese than sour cream because I'm not a huge sour cream fan. We didn't have an onion, but when I was looking at recipes most of them called for one and I could see where it would really add to the flavor. So simple, and super tasty!

1 comment:

Marizabeth said...

This dip is Bear approved. I don't eat cream cheese or sour cream, so I can't verify the taste, but it WAS easy!