July 26, 2011

Patchie [Accomplishes!]

Considering I was only really home for a few hours yesterday I was super productive! I got a lot of my pre-vacation packing and laundry done, did a little bit of cleaning, ran an errand or two, cleaned out my car, started a new knitting project, and not only bought the buttons for a different knitting piece, but sewed them on so I can officially say I finished it! Pictures of the full garment to come sometime next week - maybe I'll take it to the Cape so the pictures are more interesting and scenic?

To treat myself for being so dang productive I took a minute to enjoy a post-storm sunset...

...and snuggled with this guy. (And The Boy, too!)

Since I'm leaving for Philly straight from work tomorrow I need to be pretty productive tonight, too - beer runs and returning things to Target and finishing up packing. And maybe a Doctor Who episode or three. This is a good week.

I hope you have a happy Tuesday!


theolivetree said...

I like your photos...I love storms :)

Daisy said...

Instagram?! my favorite way to take photos lately!! great shots. thanks for visiting my blog.