July 29, 2011

Guest [Post]: Marizabeth

Greetings and salutations to all you Patchie[Verbs] readers!  I am Mary aka Marizabeth from Freeze Frame! Many of you longtime readers probably have some indication of who I am because Patchie and I are real-life friends, and she is going to be my Maid of Honor for my upcoming wedding to my Bear!

I really hope that by the time this post goes live, Patchie is chilling by the water, getting her relaxation on!  I hope to one day hop in a suitcase and go with her!  Hehe

Bear and I used to have a regular vacation spot every year, too.  When we had just been dating less than a year back in 2008, he invited me to the OBX in NC where his friends rent a huge beach house every year.  We had a blast!  Everyone took turns making dinner (our night was pizza night… you haven’t really had pizza until my Bear makes some from scratch!) and there was never a moment you didn’t have a beer in your hand or something tasty in the blender. 

We always went off-season; you can save over 50% on rent alone doing this!  We used to go before the summer season, and later switched to after.  I recommend after the rush, as the water has been warmed up in the peak summer days, whereas when we would go before summer the water was freeeeeeezing!  It really depends on if you are a swimmer or fan of being in the ocean at all, I suppose.  I love to run on the beach in the night and photograph the waves coming in on a really slow shutter speed as the sun rises behind them, so the only part of me that entered the ocean were my toes… and occasionally my ankles!

Other things we loved to do on these vacations was play mini golf (or as our friend said, “full contact mini golf”; rules involve jumping on the backs of putters to distract them, and running across the green in the path of someone’s ball, poking players with your club as a distraction, and shooting pool style!), visit the Wright Brothers’ Memorial, find fun places to take goofy photos, four wheel on the beach in the old Jeep, visit small independently owned art stores, and always take jump shots!

The last time we went, we stayed at a different house, which was kinda neat!  We stopped going because Bear’s work really picks up in the warmer months and I had been working retail, and they really don’t like when people take vacations!  We hope to be able to go again sometime soon, maybe next year?  It’s more likely our vacations will start taking place in the winter… to Phoenix, AZ!

Thanks so much for inviting me to guest blog, Patchie!  I’ll be stalking your Instagram account for photos from the Cape!  xo

Thank you Mary! I've only ever been to Fort Fisher, which is so far south on the Outer Banks it's pretty much not considered part of them. I hope one day we can all go together. I love the beach in the off season! Make sure you check out Mary's blog - she takes fantastic pictures and photobombs every Friday! 

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