July 30, 2011

Guest [Post]: Adventures of Newlyweds

Hello! It's Ashley, from Adventures of Newlyweds.
I am guest posting for Rachel, obviously... 

I hope she is having an amazing time at the cape.  But I am pretty sure you couldn't have a BAD time when you are vacationing in a place with a cool name like "The Cape"...
sounds so romantic.  


anyways, she has been going there every year, and I have a similar vacation spot that I adore.  I will actually be at my beloved vacation spot as we speak!  Now, I have only been visiting this place for a few years, it is actually my husband and HIS families "thing".  They have gone every year since he was just a babe.  I am talking about Lake Leelanau in Traverse City, Michigan...  wayyyy up near the U.P. (that is the upper peninsula in case you were wondering.  That is where bears, and seriously delusional folks who feel like they need to defend the border from Canada live in huts and caves in the woods. I wish I were kidding.)  

We camp in this trailer...
and you are even allowed to ear these DORKY shoes.   Wow husband. Just, wowwww.

We do lots of water skiing here... okay, well, I can't actually water ski because I was raised in the south.  and although we go down to florida, we don't live in the lake like the Michiganders do... but husband, he is a PRO.

I am more apt for standing in cool spots and being photographed.  We all have to have our talents, right?

other fun things include ice cream nights, wagon rides, fresh cherry picking, tubing, and threatening your significant other with a hatchet...

and did I mention that this area is chalk full of wineries with THE most delicious wine?! In the cutest little towns?
It has seriously become one of my favorite places ever, I look forward to the ice cream trips, boating on the lake, visiting Leland (an old fish town, which is pictured 3 photos above.), bike riding, running, and just relaxing in one of the most beautiful and fun places ever. EVERRR.  Seriously.  

Did I convince you to come visit yet? Life is just better in the mitten.  
Get it?  Get ittttt? If you don't get it, let me know and I will fill you in.
Thank you Ashley! This looks like so much fun and someplace I definitely want to go some day! Make sure you go and visit her blog - it is seriously one of my favorites. She has great adventures, posts a lot of pictures, has the cutest dag and is super quirky and fun. What's not to love?!

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Ashley said...

I have to second Ashley's comment about life being better in the mitten! Michigan is a beautiful place. I grew up there and miss summers on the lake. The town where I grew up is less then 2 hours from the Leelanau Peninsula, but I never visited any of the wineries there. What a travesty! I must go sometime soon. (: