June 15, 2011

Way Back When[sday]: Music

When I was in college I went to see a local band quite a few times. Everyone has their local bands they try to catch, but this was a little different - this band was entirely comprised of theatre and music majors who I bumped in to (or stage managed) on campus regularly. I wasn't particularly close to any of them by any means, but we were a close knit arts department, and everyone knew everyone and worked together constantly. When someone was doing something, you went and checked it out. So I grabbed my roommate and off we went.

I hated country music. I hated bluegrass more. These genres were reserved for the pickup-driving high school kids who liked to pretend they were redneck with their confederate flag tshirts and camo pants. They'd blast it and sing it and then turn around and talk down to girls and my gay friends. I wasn't a fan.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival is neither of these genres, really. They're a little bit of everything, but it opened the door to so much more for me. I still don't really like country, but I've got a place in my heart now for banjo.

"Needing You" is not my favorite song, but it's their best video. Plus all the outside shots are on my campus and a lot of the theatre majors are in the video (the guy getting beat up at the end was actually in the show I directed my senior year).

I also had roommates who were very into The Avett Brothers and played them often. This "sound" became the music of my college years - not musicals we performed or the stuff we'd sing at karaoke or dance to in bars. The moments in my apartment cooking dinner to The Avett Brothers, stage managing dress rehearsals for dance concerts where Holy Ghost played, and finding new hole-in-the-wall bars where we could see them live is what stuck.

Flash forward to the first time I ever went anywhere with The Boy - we were heading to Denny's after being at the bar for most the night and I was disappointed and convinced he had been flirting with my hot friend from Italy. I became a little more encouraged at while we sat in the diner and talked and laughed and eventually we had to call it a night. I wasn't really looking for a relationship (even though there was an attraction), but if something happened I wasn't going to fight it, either. On our way back to my car he was showing me different music and flipping through his CD's he offhandedly said "Have you ever heard of this new band...The Avett Brothers?"

In my mind I laughed and told myself "looks like we have a winner."

Who knew as I stood in my kitchen listening to my roommates music that years later life would be a little more figured out, a whole lot different than I expected, and include me sitting back with my brother and that same guy who I thought liked someone else, listening to the same music.

And move forward a few more months and suddenly this type of music is popular. I certainly never guessed I'd be at a concert with one of my friends from those college years and Holy Ghost shows listening to the same type of music and stomping it out until the ground shook like old days.

Holy Ghost doesn't seem to hit the DC area - they play southern Virginia and then shoot right up to Pennsylvania. One of these days I'll see them again, but until then they pop up randomly on my ipod and in other places I least expect. It's the type of music that is nostalgic for me in all the right ways, and still seems to be playing in the background of the moments that matter. Who knew it would all start with a band from college.

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Marizabeth said...

I love this feature. Your Boy also played Avett Brothers at our house when you were in TN. I think he missed you! :)