June 8, 2011

Way Back When[sday]: Frozen

I have caught some great pictures of Nametwin over the years, but to date the one above is my favorite. My favorite memories with her have never been the outings and vacations we've planned down to the last detail. The things I remember most are the moments driving home from the mall laughing so hard I have to pull over even though I can't remember what we were talking about, or going to Safeway because she is having a pie craving and catching a moment like this on film. Even on those planned vacations, such as when we went to Delaware for Regionals last year, sporadically going bowling (and proving how bad I am at it) was the best part - not the show or the organized dinners or awards ceremony.

Our best moments are the ones where we just jump in a car and see where we wind up. Sometimes it's five minutes down the road, other times it's in another state. Not every single one goes down in a history book, but when you set out purposefully to make those memories they never really do.

I have great friends and we have great moments and one of the times I realized it most was going away to college. My roommate and I were gettign to know each other, and she was showing pictures of her friends all smiling at prom, graduation, and posing gracefully for the camera. She looked at me because it was my turn. With all seriousness I was able to look at her dead in the eyes and without missing a beat say "well, here's my best friend in a freezer."


Ashley Slater said...

time. out.

you are a twinner? Or someone who has your same name?

so confused, please explain for SLOW people like myself. haha

also, yes we tried to stuff all of NYC sightseeing in one day. we did a bus tour that was 4 hours that took us everywhere and that was pretty great.... too bad it rained on us allllll day though so it was cold and not very comfortable!

Patchie said...

We share the same name! It confused people because we always sounded like we were talking in the third person, so we just started calling each other "Nametwin" in high school and it stuck!

I live way too close to NYC to have a good excuse for my last visit being almost 2 years ago. I need to fix that! It rains every time I go though (which was seriously every other month for a few years there). I feel your pain!

Marizabeth said...

I love that picture of Nametwin in the freezer. I think we should all go on an adventure again soon. I need me some time with the nametwins. <3

Suburban Sweetheart said...

This photo is hysterical. Also, cold.

theolivetree said...

Funny photo! I wish I were more spontaneous and could just jump in a car and go! I'm working on it but it is just not in my bones :)

Patchie said...

Thanks everyone!

The problem with trying to become spontaneuous is then it becomes planned spontaneity, which kind of defeats the purpose. The best way to eventually pick it up on your own is to have spontaneous friends. :-)