June 20, 2011

Patchie [Wraps]

I am having a serious case of the Mondays this morning! I'm sure the rain isn't helping matters at all, but I would love to just go home and curl up and go back to sleep for a few more hours. It was a nice low-key weekend filled with a bunch of mini-adventures. I've gotten so used to really getting out and doing something big(gish) every weekend that stickign around locally and letting plans lazily fall into place was a nice change of pace. Plus I got in a major load of laundry, which always makes me feel accomplished and I found the elusive box of summer clothes that I thought was lost forever. Overall, a successful weekend!

The main thing I did this weekend was take pictures of the show The Boy just closed down at our outdoor theatre. I still need to edit them and hope to do so tonight. The Boy downloaded Lightroom and photoshop for me but I don't have the first clue how to use them so tonight we're having a little tutorial. He's so much better at figuring out that stuff than I am.

No big plans for this week. I hope to visit the humane society to walk dogs at some point (if it ever stops raining) and maybe get down to the water to watch a sunset (again, if it ever stops raining). These last few weeks of June are probably the most low-key of my summer this year. I've got a lot going on otherwise, and it's going to pick back up very soon. Saturday I'm going to be shooting my first wedding! Marizabeth needed a second shooter and asked me - how exciting!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well! Did you do anything exciting? How is your weather? We have hit the point where it's so muggy it's almost unbearable, but thankfully Nametwin and I were able to join a friend at his neighborhood's pool for a few hours to help beat the heat!

P.S. - Have you entered my giveaway yet? How well this one does will determine if I do another one!


rosieposie said...

oh i had a case of the mondays yesterday too! the weather is awful here ~ tipping it down one minute, sun peaking out the next!
i am off to spain for the weekend next weekend though so something lovely to look forward to!

Marizabeth said...

Yay weddingness! haha I am jealous that you already got in your first swim of the summer! I may get mine on the 4th of July... and it may be the last swim, like every year. Sigh. I'm sad I missed Foxfire. I heard so many good things about it! Things are just crazy right now. I am so excited for Sunday! Hahaha

Patchie said...

rosieposie: I'm glad I'm not the only one! Sometimes I can embrace th rainy days, and other times they totally drag me down.

Marizabeth: I am excited too because we will finally have downtime! Haha