June 3, 2011

Patchie [Wraps Up]

My last day in Tennessee Chrissy had to work at the RennFest, so Chrissy's mom took Eric and I out to breakfast. We went to the Loveless Cafe, which is world famous for their biscuits and their "celebrity wall" is actually an entire room and is super impressive. But two things: you will wait an hour or more for your table (get there early), and it is totally worth it.
After breakfast Chrissy's mom went on her way and Eric and I decided to head downtown to see The Parthenon. We had taken a theatre history class together in college and both being ancient history lovers, we totally wanted to see it (Eric's only been in Tennessee for a couple months, so he's still in tourist mode).
Sadly because it was still May it was "out of season," and the inside was closed (I have never been anywhere where Memorial Weekend was still considered "out of season." What gives, Nashville?!). Undeterred, we had snow cones instead.
Totally matched my tongue to my shirt on purpose. I'm that good.

 It was a solid 90 degrees outside and we couldn't think of anything downtown to do (Eric not being a local we didn't really know where to go either), so we decided to start heading towards the airport and see what we ran across!
Based off the TV Show "Dukes of Hazard" which I never watched. Eric did, though.

Love me some Willie Nelson!

The rug Willie Nelson used onstage from like 1979 - 1989. The dark red circle in the red is where his mic stand was. Eric walked over, sniffed, and said "it smells like pot."

Eric and I made our way to the airport, and I was on my way back home. It was an awesome trip - the longest I'd taken off work since getting this job almost a year ago, the first time I had seen Eric and Chrissy in over a year, and my first time really getting to "see" Nashville. I certainly plan on going back!

In other news, today is Marizabeth's birthday! Tomorrow I'll be kidnapping her and taking her into DC to see a show. This is actually a theatre-full weekend...The Boy and Nametwin are in a show that opens tonight that I am also going to. Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? I hope you enjoy yourself!

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