June 10, 2011

Patchie [Stomps]

I was one of the fortunate people who snagged Mumford and Sons tickets before they sold out, and without really asking if they wanted to go or not I got my brother and The Boy tickets as well - lucky for me they wanted to! Because they had a pre-sale promotion and I was trying to find three seats together, we wound up with lawn seats, which is both a pro and con of outdoor concerts. The pro is it's an early summer night and you get to wander outside, the place certainly has atmosphere with sculptures and little huts selling food and drinks, and once it gets dark you're watching one of your favorite bands and if you look up, you're under the stars. And that's pretty cool.
The downside is it's early summer, which means intense thunderstorm pop up out of no where and if you're on the lawn, don't have a smartphone to warn you, and don't think ahead to seek shelter with the pinball machines, you get hailed on in the middle of a 40 minute downpour.
Seriously, it stormed hard. To the point where you could feel the electricity in the air when lightning struck. My brother and his friend stayed outside during it, but The Boy and I found shelter before it started raining, and we were glad for it - when all was said and done we were dry. And the timing really worked out because it stopped raining halfway through the second opening band, so we were easily able to find our group again and get settled in before Mumford and Sons went on. But our blanket didn't fare so well.
 Seriously, there's not a whole lot of effect on that picture. The set of feet at the top left of the picture are not on the blanket, but the white sneaker is. I asked my brother where the blanket went and he said "you're standing on it, dude."
The concert was awesome - they certainly put on a good show. We heard new music that they have yet to record (please to be having a new album?), listened to every song off their current album, and at one point Kristen (who had also snagged tickets) and I looked at each other and smiled because it was like being back in college again watching a band that we went to school with do their thing, and we stomped it out and danced and sang along. (I'd go into more detail, but I think I just found next week's WBW!).

And while the concert was awesome and I sang and danced and shouted and cheered, I think the highlight was being tucked away in the mini arcade with The Boy, surrounded by strangers and smiling and laughing with him. Even though the sky was raising hell just a few feet away, he looked at me with a big grin on his face and I knew it was all going to be fine. I love those little moments the most.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! No big plans on this end other than meeting a very good friend for breakfast, but I hope to find something to do Saturday while The Boy is at work. And make sure you check back in on Monday...I am going to announce my first ever giveaway!


Yseult said...

That buried blanket is ca-razy!

Kristen said...

STOMP IT BITCHES! Seriously, that was a fantastic show! What a wonderful performance and a great night.