June 17, 2011

Patchie [Rethinks]

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For those of you who were directed this way from Reasons to Skip the Housework, welcome! Take a look around, drop me a line, and make sure you check out and enter my giveaway by leaving a comment on that post! Your odds of winning right now are so good it's scary.

A note on the giveaway: you must comment to be entered! I'm seeing links on twitter and through blogs and facebook which are fantastic and thank you, but you need to comment on the post as well to be entered.

This weekend was going to be full of a lot of outdoor adventures and being by the water, but the weather may be altering that a bit. We're in our time of year where storms pop up quick and often and this year has been particularly bad. But Nametwin and I are sure to find something to get ourselves in to!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! Any big plans? Do you do anything special for Father's Day?

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