June 14, 2011

Patchie [Reads]

A friend has lucked out in the "it's good to be alive" department and he nailed a cute little house right on the water on a National Park. In return he makes sure the gate is locked and unlocked to the park when need be and a few other little odds and ends. Other than it's way to a road that is no where near anything, it's pretty much the perfect setup. Besides, who dosen't want to wake up in the morning, walk onto their front porch, and see Mount Vernon right across the river? It's pretty sweet.

Now that the weather is nice he has begun hosting a monthly play reading series. Bring a bottle of wine or food to share, mingle for awhile with friends, and then we will all sit down, the show will be "cast," and we'll have the reading. When the weather is nice it's on his front lawn. When it's not, we move indoors.

Due to various life happenings The Boy and I hadn't been able to make one until this last Sunday. The weather was fantastic (except for a short storm that rolled through before most people got there), the food was delicious, and the two one acts we read were hysterical. And nothing could beat the view.

I managed to at least be near the water every day this past weekend - Friday was at a bar at a Marina, Saturday we ducked down near the water for a visit (but were chased away by a storm), and Sunday was the reading. Summertime, indeed!

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Renée said...

wow that looks like an amazing place!

Patchie said...

It's very pretty, and the weather was perfect!

Marizabeth said...

I can't wait till our chaos calms down so we can attend one! We're pretty excited about it.