June 7, 2011

Patchie [Plays]

I apologize for the lack of update yesterday - it was a busy day at work and I still haven't had a chance to touch my pictures from the weekend (and that may not happen until Wednesday...I'm such a slacker). The Boy and I are house sitting so I don't have my laptop there, and the little time I did have to swing home yesterday was used meeting up with Jim & Nametwin to wander Target and buy taco supplies. Oh, and buy an iPhone. And while it's still all spacey and I have no idea how to work the darn thing (or get facebook notifications, apparently), I kind of love it. First thing I did was download photo programs and play with them. I thought I'd share them with you! The top picture is from moreMono - a free app that only keeps red in pictures. So pretty!
ClassicINSTA! Free, the only thing I don't like is you can't preview the outcome.

Tiny Planet! Also free. Every photo doesn't work, but when it does the outcome it pretty neat.

Instagram. Free (see a trend?), and the top rated app.
P.S. - you can find me on instagram - username patchieverbs!

I am only sticking to free apps right now because I just dropped $200 on the phone (yikes). But once a paycheck rolls in I may go for a few others!

Do you own an iPhone? What are your favorite apps (doesn't have to be camera related!)? Any tips?


Marizabeth said...

haha, almost all mine are free as well! :P I did splurge on lomob, and I plan on purchasing hipstamatic as well. I couldn't find the free tiny planet, but I am updating my iOS as I type, so maybe then I will. I live off IMDB, and love MoreBeaute (light) for portraits. Ummm... Shutterfly, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr I use a ton. I am waiting for a Blogger app (anyone paying attention?!?!). :) Next time we hang out, we will compare apps. OH and Carnival Games light as well as PacMan light.

Patchie said...

Yeah, I will probably buy hipstamatic. I haven't looked into lomob yet. MoreBeaute I think is the same people who did moreMono, and I almost downloaded that one, too!