June 30, 2011

Patchie [Photographs]

As I stated multiple times last week, I shot my first wedding ever this weekend. Marizabeth needed a second shooter and asked me. I was thrilled! It was an experience I always wanted to have, and this one kind of fell into my lap without any further effort other than mentioning it to her offhand about a year ago.

Ok, I have a confession to make. Are you ready for this? It's a little wordy.

I was never the girl that dreamed about her wedding. In fact, well into my teen years I would proudly proclaim I never wanted to get married, because I didn't see the point. I also didn't go to many weddings as a kid, either. I'm the oldest cousin on both sides of the family, all of my parents friends were long married by the time I came around, and there's a pretty big age gap in our extended family. Weddings just weren't a "thing" for me. Heck, formal dances were barely a thing for me. I played soccer and built sets and hung out with guys. Forget that girly wedding stuff!

Fast forward to college. I was studying stage management (which is basically a more specific form of event management) and not in any sort of relationship. I was trying to figure out if this theatre thing was cut out for me and always wanting a backup plan, trying to figure out what else I could do with it. And I kid you not, I sat up one morning because apparently it hit me in my sleep - I wanted to be a wedding planner.

And while this sound ridiculous, it's totally feasible. I'm good at event planning. I have an eye for design and I think outside the box. I even mentioned it to the head of my department and he said it was a good idea. About a week later I went "Oh right. Bridezillas."

I just think it's something I'd be good at. I was kind of able to ignore it for a long time, but every time I turn around another friend is getting engaged and planning a wedding. I am Marizabeth's Maid of Honor (Or according to my brother, "best woman"). I shot this wedding and am shooting another one in August. I was doing research looking at picture ideas for weddings, and then looking at design and DIY ideas for Marizabeth. And because of these things and the event planner in me I can't. Stop. Talking. About it. Which I'm sure is making The Boy thrilled, because he's the one that gets my random ramblings all the time. And I knew it was bad when I mentioned those paper lanterns that people send off and the fact that I had never done one and wanted to someday, and he smiled and said "I know what you're talking about."

But I wasn't! I had seen it on Deadliest Catch earlier that week and then saw a video where they released like 3,000 of them of the summer solstice that day on You Tube! Honest! No, really.

I feel like I need to clear the air and say I am not ready to get married and even though I talk about stuff a lot, I'm pretty sure The Boy knows it. We are not anywhere near being able to financially support ourselves at this point, and I do not have the personality to get married and figure out the rest later - my ducks need to be a little more in a row before then. I am simply at "that age" where all my friends are getting hitched so it comes up often in conversations and then in turn spills out everywhere else. I just love planning things, and something like a wedding is the Ultimate Planning Experience.

If given the opportunity, would I be a wedding planner? Maybe. Probably. All I know is I was photographing the wedding this past weekend and while I was only the second shooter and therefore had significantly less stress put on me, it's the stress I thrive on. And as I was wandering around the reception hall capturing little moments, I thought "I can totally do this."

And now I'll stop rambling and share some damn pictures.


Ashley Slater said...

aw you did such a good job! These pictures are great... I love the three of the guys suit jackets!

I hope you get lots more weddings to shoot and plan because you are for sure good at it!!1

Patchie said...

Aw, thank you! I hope so, too...I enjoy it!

Marizabeth said...

I LOVE some of the shots you got, lady! I'm excited to see the rest of them! Thanks again ever so much... the next wedding will be even better now that you know what to expect! And... it's on a boat! :)