June 9, 2011

Patchie [Photobombs]

Stopping in again today to give you a photo dump of last weekend - it was Marizabeth's birthday weekend and I wanted to kidnap her and do something fun on Saturday since I had to miss her "official" shindig Friday night. A friend who works for Arena Stage in DC came to the rescue and got us in to see Ruined on its closing weekend. It was a play about women in the Congo, and it was super powerful. All the professional shows I've seen in DC lately have been classical theatre, and this was a great modern piece to jump in to. The most powerful thing about it is these are real stories that happened (and are happening) to real women, and it's heartbreaking.
Trying not to make the day a complete downer (it wasn't exactly a comedy) we jumped over to a local restaurant for dinner with the crew and then went about our way since they had another show that night. Marizabeth and I jumped back on metro (best way to travel in DC!) and jumped off in Chinatown. We stopped for more food (the other place was seafood and she's allergic), ducked into a few shops, and then wandered towards The Mall!
 We sat and enjoyed the wonderful weather, which also gave Marizabeth a chance to play with her new camera, a birthday present from her Bear. It's super fancy, and I'm sure she'll blog about it when she posts her pictures!

We were trying to think of someplace to go for photo ops (the museums had just closed), and I mentioned the reflecting pool for the Capitol. Marizabeth admitted she had never been up that way, so off we went!

 Most people take their shots of the Capitol from a distance - wherever they happen to be on The Mall with it in the background. There's so much more to it though, and you can't really see that without getting right up on it. It's such a magnificent building!

 We ran out of daylight so we headed home, stopping in with our menfolk at a local bar for a little while before calling it a night. The next day The Boy and I (but mostly The Boy) made all four of us a big lunch of steaks, shrimp, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. And since it was her birthday, we bought Marizabeth half a cake just to keep things as random as possible.

Overall it was a great weekend!

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Marizabeth said...

YAY! I love how we took a ton of similar pictures... but each kinda different too. And I love every photo you take of me. You make me look thinner somehow. But especially the one with the pipe. All I lack is a mustache!