June 2, 2011

Patchie [Knits]

 I have been knitting like crazy, yet I feel like it's been forever since I finished anything. I have been working on projects for friends and they are all big ones. Working on three big projects at once means it takes way too long to finish anything. When I get antsy I've been pumping out a baby hat which I can usually knock out in less than two hours, and I can add it to my stash of eventual gifts/etsy shop products.

Knowing I had time to kill in airports I knew I needed something simple to work on that would be a nice in between project - not a baby hat because that's too many needles (it's knit in the round) and is finished too quickly, and nothing that required a lot of attention because I didn't want to worry about having to carry around a pattern, too. Oh, and I didn't want to turn around and add to the projects I already had on needles at home. But I wanted something new. High maintenance enough?
This was the featured yarn at my local yarn shop, and I thought what the heck - it seemed easy enough. It took a little getting used to just because the technique of knitting it is so different, but the end result was worth it. I literally only worked on it in the airport and on the plane and I received so many compliments and comments I considered stopping just so I could listen to my music in peace. And how long did it take? I finished the last stitch, put it in my bag, and the captain came on the speaker and said we were beginning out descent into Baltimore. How's that for timing?

You can find my Ravelry project page here, if you so care to. And if you're on Ravelry let me know, I'd love to see what projects you're working on, too!

A few general things:
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-I am in the process of arranging my first giveaway. Stay tuned! 


Marizabeth said...

So talented! I need to learn to knit. :)

Belly B said...

That is so gorgeous!!!! Great job! :)

<3 Belly B

Patchie said...

Thank you both! This may turn into something I seel in the etsy shop once I launch it!