June 28, 2011

Patchie [Celebrates]

To My Dear Little Blog,

Today, you are two years old. It feels like forever ago I sat down and wrote this quick post after making the decision to go public with blogging again after an incident in high school where someone took things I wrote out of context and tried to get me suspended for it. But that was another lifetime, and it was time to start anew. I was fresh out of college and for the first time in my life not going to be returning to the education system in the fall. I opted out of grad school for the time being to try my hand at the real world and to not rack up even more student loan debt. I was privately preparing to end a grueling and unhealthy relationship and started this little blog for two reasons - to let the people I went to college with keep up with my little ramblings and adventures, and to remind myself that moving home and choosing a totally different path for my life was the right thing to do and I could look back any time I had my doubts and see that.

I think three people from college read this, and I'm ok with that. I didn't fulfill the "GC Destiny" and throw myself into professional theatre and leave everything else behind because as much as I wanted it to be, that's not my personality. I'm not cut out for the financial stress alone. Plus I like being able to pick and choose the projects I work on, and if I had followed that path I would have missed out on so much here that has helped shape me the last two years.

Can I look back and see I made the right choice? Absolutely. I've solidified friendships that are going to last me a lifetime and have been the love of my life. I've gone new places, tried new things, and have had great opportunities. I managed to cross "working at a Renaissance Festival" off my bucket list. I've directed two award-winning one acts for a state competition. I've hung out in apartments with some of the best classical actors in the country and have worked a production with a famous comedian. If I wasn't where I am right this moment, none of that would have happened.

So why do I blog now? I've changed a lot in two years. I've gained and lost a lot, too. Those initial reasons don't really apply any more. I know I made the right choices being here. I've kept in touch close enough with those college friends where if I stopped writing they'd still know what was going on in my life. So what's my purpose now?

Still to share, I suppose. To chronicle my little adventures not to prove anything, but to remember and share with others. So I can look back a year from now and say "what did I do last 4th of July?" and read how I felt and what I was doing.

I used to joke and say "I want to be Dooce when I grow up." And while that still sounds pretty neat, it's not really me. While I do plan on (hopefully before this time next year) opening an etsy shop and doing a little cross-promoting, making writing my business isn't really me and trying to make this blog "not me" will be the death of it. This blog makes me write (something I've enjoyed since middle school) and it pushes me to take more meaningful pictures (something I got out of the habit of during college), and that's enough of a reason.

Happy two years, Little Blog. Here's to many more. Here's to me not forgetting like I did last year. Here's to more pictures, adventures, ramblings, etsy posts, and memories. And here's to enjoying it.



Marizabeth said...

Wow! Two years! That's awesome! I love your blog...it helps me get in your head! haha

Patchie said...

It's funny how fast time flies :-)