June 1, 2011

Patchie [Achieves]

I didn't really plan it intentionally this way, but I happened to be in Tennessee the final weekend of their Renaissance Festival. Chrissy usually works there (she sells hair wraps), but when she found out I'd be coming she took the day off so she could spend it walking around and enjoying herself with myself and Eric. We had a blast! It was hot, the faire is small, and the cicadas were loud - but the company was good, the faire was mostly in the shade (thank god), and there were a lot of new and different things for me to see. That's the great thing about hitting new and different faires and festivals - you're bound to find something new!

With the exception of one or two I had never seen any of the performers they had, either. We caught a juggling show early, and Chrissy was pulled onstage!

Chrissy also treated me to a birthday present - she bought herself the cute owl and me the cat that you see in the pictures below. They are from Midsummer Knight's Dream and are puppets - there is a wire that runs down through a corset or shirt that controls their heads (you can see Chrissy's right hand holding it). Kids were fascinated by them - little girls kept wanting to come up and pet my cat. This is something I would have never bought my self, and I love it!

It was a great day, but boy were we exhausted afterwards - we watched a little bit of a movie and called it a very early night. Considering we had been up past 2am the two night prior and I'm not used to doing that often anymore, it doesn't surprise me at all.

It's been my goal to try and hit one new faire or festival every year and I've been lucky enough to achieve this multiple times this year so far. A big thank you to Chrissy and Eric for helping to make it happen! It also sounds like plans are in the works for Chrissy to come up my way in September to hit MDRF. I hope that happens!


Marizabeth said...

I can't wait for MDRF! So excited for garb and photos. Yup. And to be creeped out by your puppet-shoulder-cat. O.o

Patchie said...

I can't wait either!