June 30, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: Tips & Tricks

This week's Etsy theme is personal...I'm going to share with you the shops I have personally worked with and bought from! I try to include them as often as I can in these posts without going overboard or making this too repetitive, but I know how it can be buying from a person you've never bought from before and having no idea how long the product is going to take to arrive, if it will arrive, and what the quality truly is. I have been very fortunate so far and haven't had a bad experience. But I do set the following guidelines for myself:

1. I don't buy from anyone without them having a 100% feedback rating. If it's less than that I read the negative reviews before ruling the seller out - I work in customer service and I know better than anyone that sometimes there is just no pleasing some people.

2. If I am buying for a present or for a specific event I buy way ahead of time and always include a note that I am looking to have it by a specific date. Things happen. It may get lost or delayed in the mail and that is out of the sellers hands. Everything is handmade, and if it's being made after you purchase it you have to give the seller time to do so. Including the note also gives the seller an idea of when you need it by and is good for helping them plan accordingly. In fact, the only time I didn't include a note was the only time I didn't receive something on time (it came the very next day, go figure).

3. When in doubt, I ask. Can you get this to me on time? I have a metal allergy, will your jewelry affect that? I need this by August, is that feasible? This isn't in my size, are you able to make one for me? The thing I love so much about etsy is it really allows the customer to have a conversation with the seller. I asked a company in March how much a custom piece would be because I was considering it for next Christmas as a gift, and they warned me they only accept custom orders 2 months out of the year. If I had waited or didn't ask I would have never known. Many sellers are more than willing to work with you - happy customers are repeat customers!

So without further adieu, here are some of the sellers I have worked with so far!

I have bought 2 pairs of earrings and a ring from Ashley Spatula, one pair as a present for Marizabeth. They are so cute and versatile! Plus she has so many colors you can buy a pair for every outfit, every day of the week, and any other excuse you can come up with.

Recently opened by the super-sweet Kaelah behind Little Chief Honeybee these are so her and so not me, but on a whim I bought one and am in love with it. I wear it all the time because it can be dressed up or down and she lets you pick what type of backing you want on it. I picked the alligator clip so I could wear it in my hair or anywhere else, and I rock this at work as often as I can and even wore it to the wedding Saturday. I also planned ahead and mine is navy blue, so it will be following me all weekend for the holiday. I got a 3" one because I tend to like things smaller, and when she lists some that size I will be buying more! She also has a sale going on right now - 20% off! Code: CLEAROUT

I am a garb snob. I am fully willing to admit this. I am lucky and come from one of the best faires in the country when it comes to quality and selection of Renaissance clothing. One thing our faire severely lacks though is faerie wings. I am even pickier about these - I don't want them big, I don't want them to look cheap, I don't want to pay a stupid amount of money for them, and I don't want to worry every time someone has bumped into me that they've been ruined. Renae Taylor fits the bill. I own two pairs, and I don't think I'll ever buy a pair from anyone else. Her artwork is also amazing, and I want one of her lamps. A word of warning though - because the wings are a (very sturdy) paper blend, don't plan on getting them wet. But she will treat them to help this for just a little more money!

I was looking for fun quirky photographer things once again for Marizabeth, and stumbled across these - scrabble tile pendants! They are so cute and different and even better, has teamed up with me for a Giveaway on this blog. Make sure you enter! You can get some seriously cute things from here, and if you enter and win they'll be free! Who doesn't like free?!

I have probably bought the most from this shop than any other shop (except Damsel, who is coming up next). I love everything I've ever bought and wear the jewelry all the time. It's so unique and copper jewelry is both really popular and not easy to find outside of places like Forever 21 or Claires. This stuff is much, much better.

I have talked about Damsel on here multiple, multiple times. When it comes to corsets, she is the absolute best. Just ask anyone who has ever put one on. Check her out on Facebook, because she has been listing more at artfire than etsy. She also has a 4th of July coupon going on right now! Code: "4TH OF JULY"

This is another shop I've bought multiple things from and she has something to fit everyone - from onesies to adult hoodies. There's also scarves and bags, and they do custom orders. I get compliments every time I wear something from Rainbow Swirlz. They also recently opened up their own physical store, which is super exciting!

I bought a set of New York Giants coasters for my dad for Christmas and they are so well made I was impressed and he didn't believe I got them off etsy at first. They truly look professional. With a lot of design choices, these would make a great housewarming gift!

While I have only bought one necklace so far, I would own everything in this shop if I could afford it. I wear it a lot and I can't wait until my budget lets me buy something else! Not too expensive and very unique, her pieces liven up any outfit. Plus it's free shipping, which is always a huge selling point for me.

There are others, but I'm sure I'll be including a Part II to this at some point. What about you, who are your favorite sellers?

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Marizabeth said...

I can't wait for the Rainbow Swirlz bachelorette t-shirts! haha I love their goodies! And I love literally every seller on this list! Yay!