June 9, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: Mustache Madness!

Has anyone else noticed the mustache trend? It's all over the place, from etsy to urban outfitters to cupcake toppers and tea cups! It's insane how/why some things come into fashion...in this case it's not even having an actual mustache, it's about pretending to have one!

A few places of note:
-Modern Madness is nothing but mustache's, and I would get the wine glasses in a heartbeat. 
-Mister Mustache is a great source of mustache's on a stick!
-The Morose Bee has a mustache of the month club!

And nothing to buy, but still worth talking about...
-The Mustache March takes place in Wisconsin, and it's for charity.
-The World Beard & Mustache Championships. Enough said.
-Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds used mustaches in her wedding pictures, and it is super cute!


Ashley Slater said...

yay! I am famous! kinda..:)

Marizabeth said...

I love mustaches. Yup. This post has my name alllll over it! hehe

Yseult said...

In honor of the new mustache trend, I will be reading/trying to watch some more Poirot mysteries. His moustaches are superb!!

Susan said...

I certainly rock the finger mustache often. And you better believe my baby is going to have one of those mustache pacifiers- cool or uncool by the time I have a baby. :)

Love this post!