June 2, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: Marizabeth!

Tomorrow is Marizabeth's birthday, and she has been celebrating birthday week! In honor of this, this week's Etsy theme is centered around her. I mentioned to her a few weeks ago as I was shopping for her birthday present that she is so easy to shop for - not because she's predictable or anything, but because she loves handmade things and she can pull of almost anything. I envy that!

None of the things listed are what I actually bought her, but I would have in a heart beat if I hadn't bought the other stuff already!

Handmade Lamp (for her new kitchen!)

Happy Birthday Week, Marizabeth! I can't wait for our outing on Saturday! 


theolivetree said...

great finds ! I love the ring, lamp,and yellow shirt :)

Patchie said...

I am very much considering buying that yellow shirt, just in a different color. It looks so comfortable!

Marizabeth said...

D'awww, I love you! This is great! And... holy cow, chocolate mushrooms?!?! We're gonna figure out how to make those. :) So excited for Saturday!!!