June 23, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: Make a Statement!

Maybe it's a few of the blogs I've started reading, maybe it's the "move out" bug settling back in, but I've been thinking about decorating and such a lot lately. While many ideas are running though my head (and Etsy certainly is good for inspiration), I've noticed a lot of statement and motivational prints out there as of late. While I'm not a huge fan and know it can be overdone very quickly and easily, some of them are so neat!

What do you think? Would you hang any of these in your home? Do you have anything like these already hanging up? Do you have any favorites?

I woke up this morning feeling more human than I have all week, which is refreshing. I'm looking forward to dinner tonight with The Boy and his family, and I'm really excited that tomorrow is Friday!


Megan said...

Oh I think the embrace messy hair one would look very cool in a bathroom.

Patchie said...

Wouldn't it?! I totally plan on having that in my bathroom next to my mirror some day!