May 25, 2011

Patchie [Wines]

On top of cookouts and a cabaret and spending time outside this last weekend, we gathered a group of friends and headed to Ingleside Vineyard, located in Virginia. Driving there it was cloudy and threatening rain, but once we hit the vineyard itself the sky cleared. We took the free tour and did the deluxe tasting, which is worth the extra money. They have so many good wines there! What I love about tastings is I'm still relatively new to the wine world, and a tasting lets me figure out what sort of tastes I like.

This place is beautiful, and we have plans to not only hit this one again, but to hit other locals vineyards in the near future as well. I can't wait!


Kristen said...

I am SO coming with you next time! Also, berry picking is a must for the near future. Looks like you guys had a great time. I love your photo blocks so much!

Patchie said...

Thank you Kristen! Berry picking is in the very near future as well - we're almost into blueberry/blackberry season!

We should check to see if there's a vineyard or berry farm somewhere that's more of a halfway point for us, too.

Marizabeth said...

This was the very best. Next time I wear something a little less cleavage-y, though. haha

Patchie said...

Oh, you weren't bad!