May 11, 2011

Patchie [Starts]

 I've been trying to post every day for the last 2 1/2 months, kind of as an experiment. I wanted to see if I could gain a few followers that way (I tend to follow blogs that update pretty regularly rather than those who you might hear from once a week or less). I wanted to see if I could find enough to talk about. I wanted to get back into the habit of blogging, because this last fall and winter I fell out of it a little bit.

I've accomplished a lot of this, but 2 1/2 months in I'm starting to come up dry. Chronicaling mundane things I do over the weekend is boring. I can't take my camera everywhere (although I do try), and not everything warrants a full post. I feel like I've lost my personal voice a little and am starting to sound pretty generic. Part of that is from becoming part of the white-collar work force, sitting at a desk 40 hours a week and not having sporadic mid-day, mid-week adventures. Part of it is I'm a little timid to throw too much out there and turn people (and myself, really) away. Part of it is because frankly I don't know who reads this from home and some things I'm afraid to say and as much as I hate to admit that it bothers me, I know some pretty judgemental people and I don't need to give them another reason to talk. I don't plan posts, I kind of just sit down and let it happen. And when that "let it happen" turns into a passionate political rant about everything that happened last week post-Osama during a moment where I was angry and upset, I need to step back. I need to really think about what I want to reflect about myself here and what I want you, my readers, to see reflected. I blog primarily for myself but I blog for others, too.

Anyway, long story short I read a lot of blogs that have weekly scheduled posts (Things I Love Thursday, What I Wore Wednesday, etc) and that's not exactly me, either. I've started doing an Etsy post every Thursday, and that I'm enjoying but I don't want to fill up my whole week because this blog is about my life, not fashion or shopping or anything specific besides me and the random happenings I get myself in to. But I need something to help me get those creative juices flowing, too. So I've decided to try a Wednesday theme, pulled from a phrase that a customer on the phone said a few days ago that lit a lightbulb.

Welcome to the first Way Back When[sday].

Ha! Get it? Punny.

"Way Back" is relative, considering I'm only 24 and therefore don't have the plethora of memories that others do. The goal is to talk about things pre-patchie[verbs], which shouldn't be too hard since this blog is only a few years old. Sometimes it'll be a full-blown story or thoughts or a reflection, other times it'll just be some pictures and a small explanation.

Since I've rambled enough this time I'll leave you with pictures. These are from my college's production of Fiddler on the Roof from 2008. I was the Assistant to the Musical Director and learned how to use an Orch-Extra which was quite the experience. This was in my junior year, which was when I started focusing more on directing than stage managing. The inspiration came from The Fiddler by Marc Chagall, but we all affectionately referred to it as our little Anatevka Smurf Villiage.

I'm going to leave you with a question since you're the ones who tune in and take the time to read my ramblings, which I am so greatful for. What is it you would like to see? More themes? More reviews? More about theatre or faire or our kittens or DC? Less pictures, more pictures? Like I said, I do this for me. But I also do it for you!


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

You sound a lot like me. I have so many different interests it's hard to stick to just one specific type of blog post. I jump around, do all sorts of random posts about various things.

I don't think it always needs to be clearly defined. It feels too much like work when you do it that way.

Sounds as though you are feeling a little burned out. Maybe you could sign up for some sort of 30 days challenge, like a photography one or writing one or both?! Just an idea.

I'm new here, but I look forward to seeing what you share :D


Patchie said...

I agree with you about being too defined feels like too much work. Putting yourself in too small of a box doesn't exactly help with the creative side of blogging. A 30 day challenge is a good idea, if it keeps up I will have to do one of those!

Thanks for commenting and following!

The Book Florist said...

Yes, well, I can relate to you on this topic. I am always wondering who's actually READING my blog. I can also relate to the part about having to reflect yourself at the same time as get what you want to say out. Part of my reason for blogging is so I can reveal my true heart about things - around my friends there may not be much or any talk about what I'm really passionate about, but on my blog, I just say what I've been wanting to say all day long, in just the right words to express my feelings, in the hope that a couple of people might listen to me. And even if they don't, it's nice to know that I've said it anyway.

I don't really have any amazing ideas . Things like challenges are of course good for getting people involved. You could do a photo or writing challenge, yes agreed. But you could also do something less obvious, like a reading or watching challenge. I don't really know, but good luck anyway. Take care.

Marizabeth said...

I like your feature plan! I think it's cute, and it takes the pressure off doing something like my Photobomb Fridays (which I love, but am always stressing about if I will have taken enough new photos... edited... etc... for a decent installment). I find having my three features be as pretty open-ended as they are I have a challenge to find something each feature day, but I can still be myself and tailor each week's feature to reflect how I am feeling. Some things, like Wedding Wednesdays, will probably fade later on (like after my wedding), while others (Etsy Monday and Photobomb Friday) will continue to live on.

And as usual, I would like to see more pictures, because I am a photo nerd. :D

Mila said...

I think you have a unique perspective/experience as a stage director. Perhaps an insider perspective on that and all the colorful stuff that takes place behind the stage. You can have a whole blog series on that.

Renaissance Festival brings out VERY colorful people. It would be cool to see photos of the attendees dressing up. Also maybe some behind the scenes stuff. I wonder how long those guys who joust practice? I wonder about their dayjob. It would be funny to know the knight is a plumber by day. Interviews of them would be cool.

There you go - blatant unsolicited advice. But just want to stop by and let you know that girl, you got lots of stories in you.

Visit me again soon.