May 21, 2011

Patchie [Sighs]

Yesterday I realized I needed a script. I called our local Borders twice - the first time the woman tried looking it up but the computers were down, so she went to try to find it but couldn't. She suggested ordering it online or trying to call back later so they could check their inventory in case if it was just on a different shelf. I did the latter. This is the resulting conversation...

"Hi, I'm looking for a play. Fat Pig by Neil LaBute. It would be in the theatre section under the scripts."

"Ok, let me look it up. That's the author's name? Obo who?"

"Neil LaBute. L-A-B-U-T-E. The title is Fat Pig."

"...It's not a children's book."


"It's a play."

"...I know. That's what I'm looking for."

"Oh. Where would that be?"

"In the theatre section."

"Oh, ok. Let me go look then."

(I'm put on hold for just a little too long...)

"Ma'am? We don't have the one you were looking for, but we have Fat Pig."

Best part of the whole thing? I had her hold it for me, and when I went in to pick it up they had no idea what I was talking about. And it wasn't on the shelves. Employee #3's suggestion? " might have it."


Rory Grant said...

Is it any wonder they are in administration? Did you get it elsewhere in the end? (Sorry for parachuting in like this but I read your blog and liked it)


Patchie said...

I'm going to order if offline - it's actually for a friend and I found out last minute I was seeing her, which is the only reason I tried Borders to begin with.

And thank you for commenting! I love hearing from people who read what I have to say. :-)

Marizabeth said...

That's ridiculous... and so typical of our Borders. I hate holidays because all the people I get things for are literary nerds like myself... and Borders is the ONLY bookstore locally, besides the small Paperback Shack. oy.

The Thumber said...

Hate to day it. Some people are just plain MORONS. And the people that hire them? IDIOTS.

Karolina said...

Oh my that's a classic. Anyway, I hope that you do find it on amazon!


Kristen said...

Borders FAIL!

Patchie said...

I'm sad to say I used to work there. But that was way before it started going so downhill, and before Amazon was the powerhouse it is today.