May 10, 2011

Patchie [Meets]

I seem to be doing a lot of reconnecting (or at least making plans to reconnect) with people from my college years these days. My Nashville trip is coming up soon, yesterday I made plans for breakfast with a friend who I've known since high school and through college when she is in town, and only a week after my Eastern Market trip with Kristen, I met another friend over at the National Harbor after work. He lives just over in Virginia and has his own blog which you can find here!

We wandered, took some pictures and caught up since it had been a good six months since we had seen each other. We talked about where life is, how things have changed since college, did a little reminiscing and talked about where we want our lives to be heading. We are both kind of in the same place where we have decent jobs and are ready to move on to the next step of life. I certainly had a good time, and I hope we are able to do it again soon!
We caught dinner at the recently opened Harrington Pub & Kitchen, and while the food was delicious the menu was a little limited, which was slightly disappointing. But the drinks were good and the service was great, and I'm sure that place does really well at night (we were there pretty early, and almost had the place to ourselves). I look forward to seeing how they grow over the next few months! I love me some Irish pubs.

Maybe the desire to reconnect is stemming from the fact that graduation is always on Mother's Day, and we all get a little nostalgic around that time. Some of us just live too close to have any good excuse to wait so long between visits, and it's sad that we let so much life get in the way. The ones who are further away just take a little bit more planning and budgeting, which isn't impossible. I wish we could all have a reunion somewhere, because I would give so much just to sit in the local hangout bar down in NC again and just shoot the shit all night with everyone all at once again. Maybe one day.

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