May 5, 2011

Patchie [Introduces]

I don't think I've ever actually introduced the girls I have worked with at faire the last two years and who join me at a lot of the faire and festivals I hit in the off season. I have an absolute blast with them, and not being able to spend every weekend this fall laughing and working with these ladies is what makes me the saddest about not having a job at faire this season, I think. But I'm getting a season pass and so are they, so now we'll have the freedom to gallivant and do our own thing which will be a whole new experience for us to share.
Alex I've spent the most time with outside of faire, and she is a blast. She has more energy than you can imagine coming out of such a tiny person and she is a complete camera whore which always works out really well with my friends, because I always have a camera! She is still in college and last year switched from being a music major to something complicated that boils down to being bilingual and working for...something. It's not that I don't pay attention, it's just things I'm not familiar with. Alex has recently become my biggest knitting client, and I have 2 projects still in the works for her (and she's wearing the hat I just made her in these pictures - I had post about it here!). You'll be seeing here again in a week when we hit up the Maryland Faerie Festival!
Alicia worked part time with us the last two years, and she always has a smile on her face and finds the positive in every situation, which I love about her. She is currently at her local community college and does a lot of theatre which we geek out on pretty regularly. She also loves Glee, and for that I will forgive her. Alicia and I have opposing schedules so we don't get to see each other very often outside of these events, but we certainly make up for lost time when we get to see each other!

I have an absolute blast with these girls. Even Sunday when I was feeling extremely sick and was cranky and tired and just wanted to go home they kept my spirits high and helped me hang in there as long as I could. You can usually find us doubled over from laughing at some random spot with at least two cameras out to capture the moment.
Spoutwood was amazing, and I wish the weather (and my health) had been better so we could have spent more time there. The vendors, food, entertainment, and grounds totally created the atmosphere, and everyone was beyond kind (to the point where one food stand specially heated up their tea for me, how sweet!). This is one that is very much on the yearly circuit now, and I will be visiting this time next year!

For those of you going out today/tonight for Cinco de Mayo, enjoy! I have a great cupcake recipe for you coming up soon that is totally themed and delicious!


Marizabeth said...

1) I <3 Alex and miss her face.

2) I hope you saved me a cupcake.

The Book Florist said...

The pictures are so good! And the costumes too! Your wings are so sweet and whimsical, like those of a young and vivacious fairy.

Patchie said...

The Book Florist - Thank you so much! That's my second set of wings from the same artisan...I couldn't pass them up!