May 23, 2011

Patchie [Barhops]

On Thursday I ducked out of work a little early met up with my brother and The Boy and we shot up to Baltimore for the evening. My brother had gotten us tickets to see John Brown's Body at The 8x10, which is the coolest little venue! We got there pretty early though, so we set off to find someplace to eat on Federal Hill. East Cross Street has more restaurants than you'd know what to do with, and the winner wound up being Ryleigh's Oyster. Across the board, everything was delicious! It took us forever to order, not because we couldn't find anything we liked but because there was so much that sounded good it was hard to narrow it down. I highly suggest the crab pretzels and my brother got a bacon BBQ salmon burger that we all just stared at for a few minutes because it looked so good.
After eating and taking advantage of their happy hour (and I ordered ice cream - the closest I came to cake on my actual birthday) we were going to walk to the inner harbor just to look around because we still had time to kill, but as soon as we stepped outside it started to rain! Lucky for us the entire street was in happy hour mode, and after stopping one place that was WAY crowded, we settled on Pub Dog. Best decision of the evening!
Not only was it a microbrewery (which The Boy is a total sucker for), but their happy hour deal is one of the best I've ever heard - two pints of one of their beers for only $3. But on top of that the atmosphere was great, and it's such a small place that not only are you almost unable to avoid talking to others in the bar, but the bartenders encourage it. It was like one big conversation going on in there, and at one point just because they felt like it, they passed shots of Grand Marnier out to everyone. We were a little sad to leave - if it wasn't for the concert we probably wouldn't have!

We walked the block to The 8x10 and got ourselves great seats along the railing on the upper level. First up was Lucky Dub - a DC based reggae band that had 11 members and a ton of energy. We are absolutely going to seek them out and see them again! 

A short break after they performed, John Brown's Body took the stage. They were just as good as I had remembered them being a few years ago, and I was so excited that my brother and The Boy were able to see them as well. We eventually moved from upstairs of downstairs right next to the stage, but boy was it hot down there. We danced and cheered and I stayed up way past my weeknight bedtime. It made for a wonderful birthday!
Sorry about picture quality this time - I didn't want to worry about the DSLR in crowded bars, so I took my point-and-shoot that I haven't used much at all since getting my D3100. I'll be taking both to Tennessee though, just in case!

Next up: What I did with my weekend. It was a full one! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and have a wonderful week ahead!


Marizabeth said...

I thought that was the 8x10... I went there once in college for some battle of the bands thing. It was kinda fun. Small, intimate venue for sure, but I kinda liked that. Glad you had a blast! Your tweets were hilarious that night!!!

Patchie said...

Oh good, I'm glad you were entertained!

Renée said...

sounds like you had a great time! xo

Patchie said...

We certainly did, Renee!