May 26, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: Nashville!

If this posts when it's supposed to, I am currently in Nashville, TN! This, of course, is assuming the bad weather that's supposed to roll in hasn't put a damper (ha! Get it?) on my flight. Considering I haven't flown in about 4 years...this makes me nervous. But it's a short flight, so that's good. Anyway, this week's theme is Nashville - I figured it was appropriate because that's where I am (will be? This posting from the past thing is confusing).

Did you spot the Hometown Hearts print? That's where I guest posted awhile back! She has tons of cities, so if you're looking for someplace specific check her out. I plan on buying one for myself (once I have walls to put it up on, but that's another story for another day).

I hope to return Monday with fun stories and tons of pictures!


Michaela said...

That love print is really cute!

Patchie said...

She has one for every state - I may see one in my future (once I have walls to hang it on!)

CAPow! said...

thanks for including my Nashville print!