April 18, 2011

Patchie [Stalks]

The first victims that fell to being the subject of me playing with my new camera were the kitties. When I get a new camera I like to try to figure it out on my own before referring to any manuals, that way I learn by doing and when I do go back and read about other features or how to use features correctly I have more to base them off of rather than sitting there with a camera that I know nothing about. Luckily, since I had borrowed the exact same model from a friend the week before (which I am totally grateful for), I already had a general feel for the camera. Wendy was easy to find curled up on a chair, but once The Boy and I got in there all she wanted was some lovin' in her sleepy state before sneaking off someplace else to pass back out.
I tracked down Zorro, but he's camera shy and...well...afraid of everything. The Boy only managed to catch one shot of the two of us before Zorro caught on to what was happening and kept snorting until I put him down and let him go hide under the kitchen table. I'll get him eventually when he's feeling social!
Sadly I didn't get to use it much Saturday because the weather was bad and I was in a production meeting for 3 1/2 hours for the show I am doing this fall (Cabaret!) at my local theatre. But Sunday the weather was great and The Boy and I spent the day in Annapolis. You will hear more about that after I download the pictures!

Have a happy Monday! Do you have any big plans this week?


Marizabeth said...

Love the photos! I can't wait to go on photo safaris! :D

Francesca said...

aww i love new cameras and friendly cats :D x

Patchie said...

Thank you Francesca!

Marizabeth - it's gotta stop threatening to rain first!