April 28, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: Spoutwood!

Etsy has become my biggest resource for RennFest/Faerie/Steampunk finds. You can find stuff there that no one else is going to have - one of the things you find yourself doing after being at your home faire long enough is being able to sit there and name every store every piece of someone's costume came from. The ones you can't name are the ones that stand out. Between myself and the others I worked with at faire we scout out etsy and share a lot of what we find with one another, and now I'm going to share some of them with you! Gold and Blue Fairy Wings

Mossy Twig Hair Pins

Tinkerbell Ballet Flats

Feather Clip

Tattered Pixie Skirt

Damsel in this Dress Corset

You can actually see me wearing one of those leaf hair cups in my profile picture. And trust me - I have no shortage of etsy finds like this, but I have another faerie festival in a few weeks and if you'd like to see more I have enough to do a whole other dump!

This weekend is the Spoutwood Faerie Festival in Pennsylvania. I am so excited - not only have I never been to this one, but the two girls I've worked with at MDRF for the past two years and I have never had the chance to explore a new festival together, and this is our chance. I hope Pennsylvania is ready for us...


Marizabeth said...

PARF? hehe. It sounds kinda funny that way. The leather leaf hair pin is by the Shane O., yes? He's my facebook friend, and was before I realized I knew him from MDRF! haha And of course, you posted Damsel in this Dress! I knew they HAD to make this list! Have fun at PARF and take lots of pictures! I am sad I can't tag along. :( We'll just have to go to MDRF together to make it up! (is PARF where we went last year? With paved roads? Fancy shmancy! Buy a dragon!)

The Book Florist said...

Oooo! Could you maybe put up a link so I could have a look at some other faerie related things? That gets me all excited. I adore old, whimsical, pretty, even sort of eccentric, beautiful things like that. The Tinkerbell flats are so very sweet and quaint, aren't they? That is the sort of thing that I would love to wear. I can't wait to hear and see more soon! Take care.

Patchie said...

Marizabeth - PARF is totally different from Spoutwood, which is a faerie festival (PAFF?). It's literally just over the border into PA. Keep May 14 open - that's MDFF!

The Book Florist - It's hit or miss and takes a lot of hours looking and researching, but www.etsy.com is the place to start and use search words such as "faerie" "renaissance" and "steampunk," and you'll find a lot. Trust me, this is most likely going to be my most common type of etsy dump. Stick around and you'll see plenty!