April 12, 2011

Patchie [Loves]

I have mentioned my love of orchids before, and when The Boy and I were in DC for the Cherry Blossoms we swung into the Museum of Natural History for a bit. Outside, one of the banners had a giant orchid on it. Inside, I found a paradise of them.
There were literally thousands - hundreds of breeds and thousands of flowers. I never knew so many existed. The Smithsonian hosts a viewing of them every year, and we happened to catch it on the last day!
It was gorgeous. I could have spent hours in there taking pictures. It was also really peaceful in there, even though it was a little crowded. Also, it was probably the best smelling exhibit I've ever been to.
I took a whole lot more pictures, but I don't want to flood this post too much. They will pop up here and there when I want to post something and don't have a specific picture for it. I think I love taking pictures of flowers so much because I can't keep them alive. A picture certainly lasts longer!
No plans for me today, especially since it's supposed to rain. Tomorrow we have our weekly dinner with Jim and Sweetie, but this is a pretty quiet week. Do you have any big plans for the week?


Marizabeth said...

Pretty! Orchids are so unique, but they honestly kinda freak me out, too... they remind me of weird bugs somehow. (and they are really fragrant, which is bad for my poor allergies...)

Patchie said...

Yeah, my allergies were a litte mad between this and the cherry blossoms, but it was SO PRETTY!