April 21, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: Dr. Who!

Since I can remember people have been telling me to watch Dr. Who. For a long time I didn't because I had no version of BBC. When I finally did get BBC, I ran out of time. Marizabeth and her Bear decided one day that they'd had enough excuses - they bribed me with dinner, sat me down with a full plate, and flipped on the tv. And I haven't been able to stop watching ever since! This Saturday is the premiere of the new season, and even though I am still so new to the series that every episode that comes on is still new, I am very excited and will be joining the two of them to watch it! I have compiled some Dr. Who etsy items to help prepare for Saturday!

Adipose "Fat Just Walks Away" Doll

Vinyl Wall Decal

Dalek Etched Shot Glass

Keep Calm Tee

The Doctor Definition Pendant

Bigger on the Inside Card Case

Trust me, there is way more, but I didn't want to overload too much. Maybe you'll get another Dr. Who dump in the future!

Tomorrow tune in for a bunch of pictures from my afternoon outing with Marizabeth!


Marizabeth said...

YESSSSS Who! Love the Etsy dump! I am so excited for Saturday!!!! Warning: we will have been knocking down walls all day, so it may be a mite dusty in here... BUT that brings us closer to a real kitchen and fancier parties! Like adults! haha

Patchie said...

Yay for being adults!