April 19, 2011

Patchie [Finds]

Sunday was gorgeous, and The Boy and I didn't want to waste it. Here in the DC area spring lasts about a week and a half - we go from 50 degrees and rainy to 90 degrees and humid in an instant. We only get about a week of that 75 degrees sunny breezy weather that everyone craves. So when those days pop up a little early or in the middle of two rainy weeks, you take advantage of them.

We went to Annapolis. I head up that way a lot to visit faire friends but usually don't wind up downtown, which was our destination for the day. We went for a specific reason (which I'll update about later), but as we were strolling down some of the side streets, The Boy casually pointed out an apartment for rent (which has become a habit of ours). "I would live here in a heartbeat." I confessed. Without missing a beat, he responded. "Absolutely."

Long story short, we're not exactly in the position to move anywhere in the immediate future unless That Deal pops up that is just too good to pass up. But it looks like our circle of Places to Look has expanded a bit.

As we got closer to the water we hit the main drag of Annapolis, and when we came around the corner this was the first thing I saw:
Do you have one of those staple places from college or something similar that you no longer have where you are located now? Because out of all the things NC had that I miss, this is in the top 3. It was literally a block from my apartment and they delivered late into the night and when I said "The Booth in O'Dell" they knew exactly what I was talking about on those long theatre days. Are they the best subs I've ever had? Taste-wise, no. Nostalgia-filled, absolutely. I compare it to my mom's love for White Castle, because she used to be able to walk to one from her childhood home in Jersey.

We didn't eat here, because if you put anything up against an Irish pub the pub will win every time. But The Boy ducked in here to use the restroom and when he walked out I had a dumb grin on my face and asked him "was it wonderful and magical in there?" and he smiled and pat me on the head because I am precious. Not like I needed another reason to visit Annapolis 100 times this spring/summer/fall, but this? Totally on the To Do List.

Do you have a similar place that holds the same nostalgia for you? I'd love to hear about it!


Sweetie said...

Jim and I have a special place in our hearts for Jimmy John's for similar reasons. We bragged about the place to our friends as we jaunted and rolled around Annapolis the Sunday before you two.

Jimmy John's, just down the street from the hospital in Atlanta, delivered to the hospital room. Two subs and two sodas (in fact JJ's boasted it would deliver one sub!). This was when we were stuck in in-patient (we both lived in Jim's hospital room) and since Jim was still weaning from the vent and off of the vent during the day, we were only cleared to be on the hospital grounds under supervision by an RN or a Nurse tech because Jim still traveled with "accessories" such as a suction cart (because he needed his secretions manually suctioned, when necessary). This meant that he still had the trach in and still received respiratory treatments and went back on the ventiltaor at night. This also meant training for me was not necessary since he would not be permenantly vent supported thus the reason for being stuck. The weekends were hard. Jimmy John's and other in-patient quad friends and family saved us!

Funny, as soon as the trach came out and Jim wasn't tethered by the vent or the suction cart, we never got Jimmy John's again but we would pass it by fondly because during the time that we were stuck in the hospital, it was our savior!

Patchie said...

Sweetie, that's so great that it's the same place! They never had an issue with delivery size for us, but we were literally right around the corner. Actually, when the weather was nice they'd arrive on a bicycle which I always liked.

We need to coordinate an Annapolis trip one of these weekends!

Marizabeth said...

I guess my place is Sonic, because it was someplace we "discovered" in NOLA. A few years after we moved back to MD, Sonic creeped up the East Coast to NC and apparently, now even here. Whenever I travel somewhere close to a Sonic, I HAVE TO HAVE IT, even though I can't/won't eat anything but the chicken poppers and a limeade. My other place would have to be Twin Kiss, which I never really liked to eat at, but holds a lot of memories for me. Of course, now it's being renovated into something new which makes me sad since I drive by it any time I venture out into town. I have to take a photo of the road sign before it gets knocked down...

Patchie said...

I also had a Sonic about 5 blocks from my apartment. We hit happy hour often.

I wonder if they are just remodeling Twin Kiss. They did something similar (but smaller) when that BBQ place moved in there years ago.

Marizabeth said...

I think it had a different name spray painting all classy-like on the boards in the windows. I don't really know... only time will tell. I have to get a photo of the sign though, in case they rip it down! :(

Maybe tomorrow...er...today. I need to drop off all those clothes at Goodwill (still). Such a procrastinator. But I will probably do that, get oil for my car, and maybe head back to the State Park for chillin on the docks depending on the weather... it was sooooo nice doing that today! :)

The Book Florist said...

Yes, I have a place that I love, partially because it is so pretty and quaint and partially because it makes me feel like I am a complete poet. It's beautiful. It is Montville, Maleny, in Queensland, Australia. It is a single long street, quite hilly, with little shops on either side, perched on the top of what I like to think of as a mountain, so that every now and again, you will catch a fleeting glimpse of the most jaw-dropping panorama and in the distance, a flickering silver line that is the ocean. It's not at all industrial, or anything off-putting like that. Just tiny, beautiful, quirky little stores - a cheese store, a store for teddies and snow globes, a store filled with chocolate is absolutely every single shape imaginable, and, one of my favourites, a store where they make hard lollies. They make folds of hot, fragrant sugar with red and white stripes all twisted into it and they stretch it... stretch it... stretch it... They feed it into a machine that chops them up into tiny little pill-sized drops and then they let you try it. Strawberry and cream, and because it's all hot and fresh, it taste just like the strawberry jam and whipped cream that you eat on pancakes! Then there is the Poet's Cafe. It is a beautiful cafe, arched over by an ancient blossoming tree. Montville fills my dreams of the most wonderful country town. Thankyou for triggering the memory.

Patchie said...

That sounds wonderful - thank you for painting such a vivid picture!