April 27, 2011

Patchie [Blogs!]

No blog post here today, but you can check out my guest post over at Windshield Diaries! Click the graphic above to go directly to my post, or browse the whole blog - she's started not only this series of people talking about their hometowns, but also a new series where people are going to be talking about their pets. She's super sweet and worth the visit!

To those who have hopped over this way from her site, welcome! If you'd like to read more about DC, you can find all those posts here. I hope you stay tuned in - tomorrow I have an exciting Esty Dump for you, and this weekend I'm visit two new festivals - a Celtic Festival and a May Day/Faerie Festival. I can't wait to share!

Drop me a comment and let me know who you are and if you have any questions or things you'd like to know about me or the DC area...I love meeting new people!


Renée said...

I will check it out!!

Ashley said...

Visiting from Windshield Diaries! Hello from a fellow Washington Metro area blogger. :)

The Book Florist said...

Ooooo! You just HAVE to tell us about those two festivals! They sound extremely interesting! Where do you hear about events like that? That is exactly to sort of thing that I would love to visit! Take care.

Patchie said...

Welcome Ashley! Have you found it as hard to find others in the metro area as I have? It surprises me!

The Book Florist - I certainly will! I find them online and through other friends who are involved with RennFest. I usually will google "[desired city] Calendar of Events" and find a lot!

Renee - Enjoy! :-)

Marizabeth said...

I read this hours ago and just got around to commenting. What an awesome experience! You are a guest blogger! Woohoo! Also, I read your whole guest post in the tour guide Barbie voice. :)