March 15, 2011

Patchie [Stays]

Thursday it was raining. Pouring. I was driving to pick up The Boy so we could be on our way out to the mountains, and I literally could not see the hood of my car. I was nervous - we get a lot of local flooding, especially south of us. We decided to delay ourselves by about 20 minutes, and I'm glad we did - with the exception of road spray, our drive was dry until we got a passing shower about 20 minutes shy of our destination. This was the only rain we saw the entire trip!

I want to give each thing from this trip it's own moment to shine, and starting with the hotel is an obvious choice. Internet, if you are going out to Luray, VA please stay at The Mimslyn Inn. We got a wicked off season deal, but the prices are not too bad. They are higher than other close hotels, but the luxury is worth it. The staff was beyond helpful, they had tons of little tips and suggestions for things to do, and the food was downright amazing. I left my camera and phone in the room on our evening so I had no distractions and it could be just us, but check out the website for interior shots.

I will say our room was pretty small, but we didn't need room. And we got locked out of our room daily, but apparently there was a glitch in the system because it was happening to others as well. But there was zero hesitation in helping us.

Friday night there was a Jazz Trio (of two people) in the lobby that we went and enjoyed. Towards the end of their performance a woman came over and struck up a conversation. Her name is Betty, she is 84 years young and she was born and raised in Luray. Her father was the town's first Chiropractor. She has never been vaccinated because "common sense has kept her healthy." She loves going to cruises, and wants us to go to Ireland. She loves to sing. She is sharp as a tack. When we parted ways, she gave me a big hug.

The Boy, being the musician he is, had great conversations with the jazz players. They do a lot of local music. They wish that the off season wasn't as dead as it is. They told us to also check out The Speakeasy tavern downstairs, there was excellent music playing down there as well.

And so here are my other suggestions: whether or not you stay at The Mimslyn go to The Speakeasy and Circa '31, their two restaurants. Jim, the bartender for The Speakeasy, made some of the best drinks I've ever had and was super friendly. He used to be a bartender at one of the top DC restaurants. The food is not badly priced and amazing. We only hit Circa '31 for breakfast, but their Sunday Brunch is only $10 and the food is to die for. I sit here now still craving their omelets and sausage gravy.
We crashed hard each night because we spent each day hiking mountains or walking along rivers or through caverns. As much fun as we had out and about that hotel is what pushed our stay over the edge into amazing. Make sure to watch a sunset from the terrace on the third floor. They will build a fire if you want it. Take a bathing suit for the hot tub (we didn't, sadly). Catch some live music if you can. Get into a conversation with Jim, and look out for Betty.

Next up: The Luray Caverns!


Marizabeth said...

I love that you randomly met this Betty character and remember the bartender's name. So... weekend double date getaway, yes?!

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