March 24, 2011

Patchie [Sleeps]

I was going to share wedding pictures from this weekend but most of them turned out blurry, nothing really exciting has happened this week, and then I wound up sick all day yesterday and in bed watching chick flicks and sleeping on and off which meant cancelling a date with Nametwin. So...not too much to share.
After a couple week hiatus we did start our Weekday Dinners back up with friends of ours which I only vaguely posted about here, and once I remember to pull my camera out at one of these I'll post more thoroughly about it. Things come up and they have busy lives, but we do manage to get a dinner in almost every week. I also hope to get another Weekend Dinner with Marizabeth in there soon. Sadly The Boy and I are pretty poor this week, so doing much of anything is going to be hard. Plus the weather isn't supposed to be good, which is a shame because the Smithsonian Kite Festival is this Saturday in DC, and I think they are going to get rained out.

Along with many other ways to donate money for the relief efforts in Japan, apparently Bank of America has an account set up as well where you can do a direct transfer. Just ask a teller if you go into one!


Ashley Slater said...


This sounds amazing and so fun. So sad it might get rained out!!!

Patchie said...

Up until this year it was a Smithsonian thing, and when looking up a rain date it looks like Cherry Blossom Festival has taken it over starting this year. I went as a kid but haven't been since...I hope it still happens!

Sweetie said...

I'm glad that our dinners have resumed as well.

Not a lot of people know this but Jim was an avid kite flyer (he still has his stunt kites)and during our dating days we would participate in the Kite Festival on the Mall. When his neck fused due to Ankylosing Spondylitis he was no longer able to look upward nor position his body to do so either so the hobby he once shared with friends and me, ceased.

When he was in Shepherd and received Recreation Therapy, I came up with the idea of him going back to kite flying as therapy to further strengthen his arms (his trick kites require the use of both arms to maneuver and control them). His Recreation Therapist (RT) thought it was a brilliant idea! See, he can look up now since he can tilt his power chair upward. Even though he still doesn't have dexterity, he can grasp and even has special "grippy" gloves to further assist with that.

We want to go to the open fields of Milton Somers the warmer it gets this Spring to do some kite flying therapy if y'all want to join us!

Patchie said...

Sweetie, I would love to! I went through a kite flying phase when I was younger, but other than tying one to the back of a boat I can't remember the last time I did it!