March 3, 2011

Patchie [Shares]

I am a bad friend and just realized I never made mention of something super awesome over here on my blog. A friend of mine, Mary, is marrying her best friend next year and had asked me to be her maid of honor! Mary is one of those people I know I have known forever but can't for the life of me remember how we met. She was a year or two behind me in school and went to a different high school, but I remember the first time interacting with her I somehow already knew her. So that still remains a mystery. Church? Our parents? Random happenstance?
The first time I met her fiance, Ted, was at the theatre right after I got back from college. He was running lights for the production of Sweeney Todd I wound up stage managing, so our first encounter was essentially being locked in a booth together for 8+ hours. I don't think I found out until later he was The Ted that had been dating Mary for awhile. Besides the fact that he found my sarcasm funny, all I really remember from that first day was he had a mysterious can that was never more than a foot from him and went wherever he went and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was. (I found out about 3 weeks later he rolled his own cigarettes, but hoo boy, the things I made up that were in that can until then!).

They are also a good part of the reason why The Boy and I got together as quickly as we did. They were that conspiring couple who just happened to invite us to the same things all the time and the only open seat happened to be next to the other person. Since then the four of us have spent a lot of time together in bars, at each other's houses, at parties, and taking random day trip to various fairs and festivals. They are also the hosting couple of the weekly dinners I have written about before. What is also exciting is The Boy is one of the groomsmen!

Mary is an aspiring photographer, a crafter, singer, and actor. She's funny and totally herself and I love people who can be themselves and not hold back. She and Ted are patient and kind and honest people who are creating an amazing life with one another and their dog and 87 cats. If you want to follow Mary, you can find her here. If you want to follow Ted, follow Mary.

Even though I have been in a wedding before, I am a MOH virgin. I am a manager, so I've got that side down. But do you have any tips? Ideas? Experience? I'd love to hear them!


Cait said...

just came across your blog :) although i've never been an MOH i have been a bridesmaid and let me tell you- just being a part of the bridal party is FABULOUS! just stay calm, be honest, and be there for your bride as often as you can :) she'll appreciate all you do!

Patchie said...

Welcome, Cait!

I've been a bridesmaid too, and it certainly is a blast and an honor. The wedding party is already getting together here and there to spend time together and brainstorm since we're all crafty and theatrical!

Marizabeth said...

I have ONE TIP: carry minis on you for me! HAHA! (and maybe my smokes...) Love youuuuuu!!!!

Patchie said...

You mean an excuse to buy a new purse/clutch? Darn. ;-)