March 30, 2011

Patchie [Pets]

Needing a distraction on Saturday after the news about Bobby, Nametwin and I kidnapped Marizabeth and picked up where we left off at the Humane Society. Due to various reasons we hadn't been able to go together for a couple of weeks, and we didn't even make it back into the dog run before seeing this adorable guy - Ace - and knowing we had to walk him!
He's supposedly 14 weeks old. Do you see how big he is?! This guy is going to be massive. He was a sweetheart, walking well on a leash and if you sat on the ground he instantly curled up in your lap. For a puppy he's pretty chill, only biting when you wrestled with him and did very well on a leash - most dogs that age turn into a limp noodle and it winds up being more of a drag than a walk.
And being the cat owners we are, of course we had to swing into the cat room. There were a few kittens, but mostly grown cats who were looking for some lovin'. These two that Marizabeth is playing with were a riot, jumping over each other and trying to get their paws on the cameras.
This guy has been there since we started going, and I feel bad for him and would give him a home if I could. His personality is quirky and sweet, and he reminds me of a combination of our Wendy and Zorro.

I'm going to have to skip this upcoming weekend, and with good reason - I've got a wedding Saturday and it is The Boy and my one year anniversary! Sunday we are going to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms, which is what we did our first official day as a "couple." The weather for the next few days isn't supposed to be good though - I hope it doesn't knock all the petals off the trees!


Ashley Slater said...

That lab is going to be GINORMOUS!

Happy anniversary!

Patchie said...

Isn't he? I want to see a picture of him in like, 3 years when he's full grown and giving toddlers horseback rides.

And thank you! It's the first of many :-)

Marizabeth said...

I am fairly certain he's part Newfoundland. Seriously big, sweet tempered, and okay with kids and cats and other dogs.

You know, and BIG. haha

piwibrim said...

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