March 18, 2011

Patchie [Drinks]

Our last day in Luray, after filling up on a wonderful brunch, we decided to give finding a vineyard another go. This time we asked locals if one existed, where, and what they recommended. Mostly they said the really good big ones were about an hour south, but they did have one that was worth a visit. So off we went!

It was a cute little place with friendly dogs who wanted nothing more than a belly rub when you walked in. We did the grand wine tasting which included wine glasses that we got to keep and will eventually be added to our kitchen in our house we eventually buy and/or rent. The wine was fabulous with some very different flavors. We talked to the owner and laughed and sipped on the different wines, and afterwards since it was a wonderful 70 degrees outside we took a walk. Nothing was in bloom yet, but if you walked to the end of the path you reached a creek. We spent a long time down there playing in the water and enjoying the fact that it was our first time in tank tops and tshirts this year!

The vineyard is also a farm, and they had chickens and roosters and sheep roaming around. The roosters were making all sorts of noise and cracking us up, and the sheep were super friendly. There was one that got all excited when we came over to pet her.

And being a farm with sheep, they sold yarn. So of course I had to buy yarn from the sheep I had just met!

The place is called Wisteria Vineyard, and you can find their website here. I think this is a newly found activity for The Boy and I...there are a few near where we live that can be a day trip, and once the spring really kicks in and things have bloomed we plan on hitting some of them!

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Marizabeth said...

That place looks amazing. And I love that you now have yarn from sheep you met. teehee