February 3, 2011

Patchie [Poses]

Just wanted to swing in and share some of the pictures from Nametwin and my short and sweet photo adventure. We tried multiple parks that were either closed or a soppy muddy mess ( the snow was about 4 days old at this point) before settling on a local historical landmark - a courthouse with a little spat of water behind it that was frozen over and pretty, although not very photogenic.

These are Damsel corsets, which I have talked about before and just can not stress how awesome they are. In fact, I did a photoshoot with a friend who is developing a book (you can find her here) and she was going through my garb, pulled out my brown one (which isn't pictured here but might be eventually) and said "let's do this one!" They are addicting. And Michelle (the owner of Damsel) is a dream to work with.

It looks like the DC area is avoiding the awful blizzards that are causing havoc all over the rest of the country, and maybe the worst of winter is over and spring can begin soon. I simply can not wait.

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