February 24, 2011

Patchie [Breaks]

A little over a month ago, I said I was taking a theatrical hiatus at least until next winter. I needed a break for various reasons, one of them being I missed my weekends, I was tired of a show dictating when I vacationed, and there are about 18 different festivals and events I want to hit this spring/summer.

Well, I lied. I have agreed to work on a one-performance-only staged reading of "The Guys," a two person show about 9/11. It's a small commitment, and I had told The Boy that I'd only reak my hiatus if it was too good to pass up, and this comes pretty close to that category. Plus it's at the outdoor theatre in the beginning of May, so the weather will be fantastic. In theory.

The thing I am concerned about is if you say no enough times, people start to listen. And a lot of the things I've said no to have had good reasons, but sometimes all people hear is the "no" part. But I've got this project at one theatre and next winter I'm stage managing at the other, so it should keep me on the radar. Although this means that from September until end of January, life is going to be a whirlwind again. But that's ok - staying busy in the winter is good for me.

On a completely different note, I've got a "to be knit" list that's getting out of control, and for the first time 90% of it is not only not for me, but has very specific deadlines. And they aren't exactly small, knock out in one sitting projects. This translates to if you see me in public with more than 30 seconds of downtime, I'm going to have knitting needles in my hands. I think I'm going to need a bigger purse.

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Marizabeth said...

HA! You can bring your knitting by on Sunday if you guys come over. I think I may have Jessica over to dye my hair, too, so you may have time to sit and knit and laugh at my multi-process hair dying adventure (re-bleaching and dying the top portion and then doing a bright ORANGE wash! Weeee!).

As far as the theatre thing, I get that. I think Ted is involved in that production as well. When you back out for too long, people forget about you. Like me. Which I am usually okay with. I do a lot more creative consultant kind of things with crew heads (we all saw my attempt at crew head work. It's not pretty). You still seem to be taking it slow, though, which is also a good thing. It's a delicate balance in this drama world.

And... if you need a bigger bag for a while, I probably could loan you one. I have a secret hoard of bags and purses. I have an addiction.

I can loan you a bag... and you could teach me to knit?!?! :D